Studio M-Five is a mobile app development company
with a small but growing portfolio.

We're a product team for hire.
We have the experience and skill to make your product a reality.


Agile Software Development

We utilize the Agile Software Development methodology. This benefits us because we work from our own homes and a Scrum helps us stay focused and work together, even while working remotely. Even better… as a client you get access to our Scrum as well. You can see the progress of your app instead of just reading about it once in a while in an email.

Intellectual Property

Everything we make for you; sketches, mockups, designs, artwork, the actual code, is yours and you get access to all of it from day one. We’ll give you access to everything right from the start.

Milestone Driven

Long term contracts are risky for both parties. We don’t get paid until the end, which could be months, and you have to hope that we’re building what you want while you wait.

Instead, we will write a proposal, broken out piece by piece, and you pay for each piece as it’s completed. We hit our pre-determined, incremental milestones, you pay us for each milestone hit (at our hourly rate). That’s it!


In addition to email, we’ll set up a a Slack channel so we can communicate back and forth more quickly.


Each idea, code commit, or design concept is put into a shared space. You don’t just get an email that shows what we did when we’re done. Instead, we work closely with you throughout our process which means you get more control over the direction things are going.

Meet the Team


Father of 3 boys, husband of 1 wife.

Always planning my next vacation.


Geek. Gamer. iOS developer.